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Global Swim works with diverse communities and aquatic industry professionals. Initiatives seek to increase inclusion of diversity in water safety training and aquatic activities, with a focus on community empowerment and promoting stronger partnerships in the prevention of drowning and water-related accidents.

Global Swim uses the theme of Respect, Understanding, Community.

Respect the water

Global Swim programs promote a healthy respect for the awesome power of water.

Understand the water

The better we understand how water behaves and the affect it has on our body, the safer we can be when we interact with it.

Community - We are safer together

Global Swim promotes the fact that, as a community, we are stronger, and safer, together.

Programs are designed for flexible delivery to acknowledge the needs and unique perspectives of our diverse communities.

Global Swim reaches out to include diverse groups within our local communities.

Working towards inclusion requires more than opening the front door. Each of our diverse communities have various unique needs and barriers to inclusion. Global Swim reaches out to diverse communities, partnering with organisations to modify programs to better accommodate their needs. Global Swim then cooperates with local aquatics professionals and programs to make connections and increase understanding.

Global Swim is build on internationally respected and effective instruction systems

Building on quality international programs

STARFISH SWIMMING is among the most modern, complete and effective swim training and water safety programs currently available, offering training for any age, and at any stage of swimming ability. The program is run through Starfish Aquatics Institute (SAI). The founders of SAI are internationally recognised aquatics experts who felt so strongly about facilitating positive change in the aquatics industry that they started their own organisation. STARFISH SWIMMING is one of the major programs used in the USA. Their system has also spread worldwide and is used by reputable international programs such as the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

CPR & First Aid Training

CPR and First Aid Training is an important part of the Drowning Chain of Survival. Global Swim is able to deliver quality training at both the community and professional levels via Emergency First Response and First Training

Global Swim must match the strict standards of its international partners

Kurt Cordice - Program Director

Kurt has over 25 years of experience in aquatic environments and open ocean training. His experience includes SCUBA, sailing, ocean swim rescue and various other aquatic activities. He holds current certification for swim teaching under Starfish Swimming (USA), Korean Swimming Federation, and Swimming New Zealand.  He also has over 10 years experience as a teacher and curriculum/program designer in the field of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).