Programs & Initiatives

Unique courses utilizing the latest and best teaching methods in the swimming industry.

Communication, Cooperation, Leadership and Innovation.

As a project of Enigmatic Global, Global Swim embraces the 4 pillars upon which all projects of Enigmatic are built.

Being safer around the water requires respect, understanding and community.

Core Programs

Aquatic Competence Training (ACT) 

Aquatic Competence Training is exactly what it sounds like: training to support developing key skills and competencies in the water that will not only help participants to be safer, but also be able to enjoy the water. ACT recognised our diverse communities by providing flexibility in both skills focus and themes, allowing participants to embrace the aspects of aquatics they like most. Global Swim uses the international Starfish Aquatics program as its foundation for ACT, allowing the delivery of quality training to participants of any age and at any stage of their aquatic competence journey. Customised delivery address many aspects of diversity, including culture and language.

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Global Swim - Water Watchers

 Water Watchers is a highly flexible water safety program focused on a central theme of Respect, Understanding and Community. Water Watchers is unique in its emphasis on the inclusion of culturally and linguistically diverse groups, as well as greater recognition of the wider diversity of our communities.  Global Swim Water Watchers takes a community focus to water safety in an effort to increase a community’s resistance to water-related accidents and drowning. 

Global Swim Pro

Global Swim Pro is an intensive, year-long program for young (and not-as-young) adults and tertiary students who have a passion for supporting their community and embracing diversity. Global Swim Pro Instructors support the delivery of Global Swim programs, volunteering their time to support water safety training. Candidates receive training under the theme of Respect, Understanding and Community. They may earn certifications as Starfish Swim Instructors, Emergency First Response (instructor) and more. There are also opportunities to track key competencies and experiential learning.

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Beach Experience

Beach Experience is a hybrid program offered in cooperation with Surf Life Saving NZ. Global Swim Pro Instructors join qualified Beach Education Life Guards to deliver a beach-focused water safety knowledge and experience workshop.

Inclusion requires Innovation!

Diversity and Inclusion in Aquatics

Training, Consulting, Industry Cooperation

Photo: Diversity in Aquatics Workshop - Tauranga and Western BOP - Oct 2020

Global Swim works actively alongside its partners to support opportunities and 'safe-spaces' to discuss diversity and inclusion within the aquatics industry. Customised workshops are available to for both administration and front-line professionals to support their journey towards greater inclusion and understanding of their diverse community.

Global Swim must match the strict standards required by Starfish Swimming.

Training Locations

TOI- OHOMAI Aquatics and Fitness Centre

The Toi Ohomai Aquatics Centre is the home of the Tauranga Water Safety Training Hub, and is the home pool of The Global Swim Project. The Hub supports a range of quality water safety gear to support training of all ages. The centre is staffed by knowledgable professionals with full-time pool guarding.  Pool is generously heated and open year-round, offering both shallow and deep water training opportunities.

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