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Enigmatic works to empower individuals, communities and organisations to unlock the power of diversity, with a special focus on empowering young adults.


Global Swim takes a community-focused approach to water safety and seeks to increase inclusion of diverse communities within aquatics and related industries.

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Global Safety

First aid training that encourages inclusion and understanding across our diverse communities.


Workshops, discussions and consulting support to help increase Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (J.E.D.I) within organisations, businesses and communities.

Global Ambassadors

Experiential program for youth between 16 and 18 supporting key competencies and skills needed for a global future.

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Our Crew

A growing crew of individuals helps Enigmatic to bring its vision to life.

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Enigmatic is about cooperation!

Enigmatic is all about cooperation.  
We seek to work and cooperate with those who share a vision for a better world. 

Think Global.
Act Local.
Unlock the Power of Diversity.
Be Enigmatic.
Be Enigmatic.