Emelie Verseput

Volunteer - Water Safe Waikato - Global Swim Pro Instructor

Creative, Adventurous, Genuine

Hi my name is Emelie, I am from Zeeland, The Netherlands and New Zealand has been my home for the past 3 years. I study the Bachelor of Business at the University of Waikato majoring in marketing and strategic management. I work as a community and project assistant at Venture Centre, building an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Tauranga. I am passionate about entrepreneurship, sustainability, startups, innovation, impact, digital marketing and creative thinking.

I have a big love for New Zealand, the nature and the ocean around it. The water is my happy place and that is where I spend my free time. Currently doing my Padi Divemaster and working towards becoming a Global Swim PRO instructor. Some of my hobbies are surfing, snowboarding, art history and playing bass guitar.

I want to be a Global Swim PRO instructor because I'd love to share my passion for the ocean showing people of all walks of life how they can be able to enjoy the water like I do. I believe it is important to have a positive connection with the water and to gain certain swimming skills especially living in a country surrounded by water. I'm looking forward to learning new skills myself within teaching, diversity, culture and international communication. All while making a direct and positive impact in our community here in the Bay of Plenty.

We all come from the sea but we're not all of the sea. Those of us who are, we, children of the tides... Must return to it, again and again. - Chasing Mavericks