Partnerships and Cooperation

In its role as a 4th Sector initiative, Enigmatic Global partners with businesses, governmental organisations and NGO's. Enigmatic is about building bridges between sectors and championing community and sustainability.
We are stronger, together.

Enigmatic Global is an authorised Starfish Swimming program provider. As an organisation supportive of diversity, Starfish Aquatics Institute supported Global Swim in its effort to increase inclusion of diverse communities in aquatics and water safety programs.
Global Swim originally worked with Water Safety New Zealand (WSNZ) as a consultant on the Bay of Plenty Strategic Water Safety Initiative in 2018. WSNZ has since funded and supported Global Swim initiatives for international students in the BOP. Global Swim continues to support and coordinate with WSNZ to help make our diverse communities safer.
Enigmatic Global supported STEM Wana Trust in the development of their first STEM Festival in Tauranga, New Zealand, as well as several other related projects. This cooperation has continued with a focus on supporting diversity in STEM and AquaSTEM initiatives.
Enigmatic Global cooperates with the Welcoming Communities project of Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty, NZ, and supports their vision for a more welcoming community for newcomers and those from diverse backgrounds. Welcoming Communities also supports Global Swim related to water safety initiatives for diverse communities.
Global Swim supported the International Student Services Office of the University of Waikato to develop and delivery their Water Safe Waikato pilot program in 2019. Cooperation continues with plans for further development of Water Safe Waikato, as well as piloting the Global Swim Pro Instructor Development Program.
Surf Life Saving and Global Swim cooperated on the design and development of the Beach Experience program (or Beach EX) to better serve the needs of international students related to beach education. Cooperation continues to bring the program to more international students, as well as reaching out to other diverse groups within our community.
Safer Communities program of Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty, NZ, supported Global Swim in piloting the Water Safety for Diverse Communities project, bring water safety education to diverse groups within our local community. Cooperation continues to expand the program to reach out to greater diversity and promote inclusion.
Education Tauranga has been both supportive and a delivery partner of programs targeting water safety for international students and their families. Cooperation continues to help bring programs to a greater number of international students.
Following up on its previous status as a provider of the STARGuard lifeguard training program under SAI, Global Swim has recently become an authorised training provider for the STARGuard Elite program from the USA.