Global Ambassadors

of Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty

Global Ambassadors work to create a positive impact within both their local and global communities while also serving as role models for diversity, inclusion and cooperation.

Welcome Global Ambassador 2.0's!

Global Ambassadors 2.0 have now joined the GA Primes

The new Global Ambassadors (2.0) were welcomed to the program on October 13, 2022 by the existing Ambassadors (Primes). Over the next few months, GA Prime and GA 2.0 will be working together as Global Ambassadors of Tauranga and Western BOP.

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Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, Innovation

Global Ambassadors is a programme that offers youth (16 - 18 yrs) the opportunity to gain new skills and experiences that will build their global competence. This programme provides a platform on the local stage to engage with local businesses, non-governmental organisations and governmental departments.

Global Ambassadors will also take their place on the global stage, representing the interests of their local community as they reach out beyond Aotearoa New Zealand to engage with potential partners overseas.

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Global Ambassadors is about building bridges and breaking down barriers.

Global Ambassadors 2021/2022 is a journey of exploration and innovation. The programme supports the ambassadors as active partners in the project’s growth and design. The Global Ambassadors will be breaking new ground and creating their own pathways. At the same time, the programme is also built on a solid foundation to give the necessary stability and support for ambassadors to succeed, as individuals and as a team.


We are Stronger Together

Global Ambassadors is about cooperation.

Global Ambassadors cooperates with others, both in Aotearoa New Zealand and around the world.