Activies and Opportunities

What do Global Ambassadors do?

The Global Ambassadors Project is about opening doors, creating opportunites and empowering ambassadors to be role models within their local and global commuities. Global Ambassadors will be involved in the development and decision-making process at all levels of this program, from choosing key themes to the activities they will devote their time to. At the end of the program, themes, output and results will be passed on to the next group of Global Ambassadors as a foundation for them to build on.

Core Program

The Global Ambassadors program is divided into four quarters, each with a different area of focus. The first three quarters look at different levels/perspectives of engagment, including the individual/team, local and global. The final quarter is devoted to the Global Ambasssadors project. This structure is meant the foundation.

Saturday Meetings

Ambassadors will meet one Saturday per month for a single, full day meeting. These meetings are meant to be the main opportunity for ambassadors to meet face-to-face. During these meetings, ambassadors will attend workshops and tuturoials, hear from interesting guest speakers and meet potential role-models. There will be lots of opportunity for discussion, team-building, and of course a bit of fun!

Online Catchups and Collaboration

Ambassadors will use various oniine platforms to keep in touch and coordinate activites between Saturday meetings. There will also be opportunities to join online presentations and workshops from time to time.

Global Competence Certificate

The Global Competence Certificate will be an optional activity open to all Global Ambassadors. This online programme is all about connecting you with other students from different cultures to become part of a global community of learners. The certificate course is administered by Massey University over a 4 week period, and requires 5 -7 hours/week to complete.

Visit the Massey University webpage for more information.

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Global Ambassadors will occasionally have the opportunity to represent the ambassador team at local events, providing the chance to promote both local and global citizenship. Events may include local citizenship ceremonies, events by local NGOs and local councils. Ambassadors may also choose to support and promote events and causes they believe are important and fit within the scope of the Global Ambassadors program.

Local Committees

Ambassadors may have the opportunity to attend meeting of local committees, advisory and steering groups as both participants and advisors. In addition to gaining valuable experience being part of official meetings, it is a chance to bring a youth perspective to conversations that affect local communities.

The Global Ambassdors Project

During the 4th quarter of the Global Ambassadors program, ambassadors will have the opportunity to innovate, develop, plan and execute their own project. This is an opportunity to put the knowledge and experience gained during the program to work for the benefit of the local community.

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