Activities and Opportunities

What do Global Ambassadors do?

The Global Ambassadors Project is about opening doors, creating opportunites and empowering ambassadors to be role models within their local and global commuities. Global Ambassadors will be involved in the development and decision-making process at all levels of this program, from choosing key themes to the activities they will devote their time to. At the end of the program, themes, output and results will be passed on to the next group of Global Ambassadors as a foundation for them to build on.

Program Foundation

The Global Ambassadors program is divided into four quarters, each with a different area of focus. The first three quarters look at different levels/perspectives of engagment, including the individual/team, local and global. The final quarter is meant to brinhg it all together, and is lead primarily by the Ambassadors as they prepare to pass-the-torch to the next crew of Global Ambassadors.

Quarterly Meetings

Ambassadors will spend twoin-person days during school-term breaks to meet, discuss, learn and share. Activites will include practical workshops as well as opportunities to meet interesting guests and role-models from our local community.

Online Collaboration

There is always a lot happneing for Global Ambassadors. The program uses oniine platforms to keep in touch and coordinate activites between quarterly meetings. Online collaboration is a core component of the program.

Training / Workshops

There will be various opportunities to take part in interesting workshops, both online and in-person. Practial workshops and sessions.


Global Ambassadors nominate delegates to represent the group at events, functions, focus groups and various official duties that are supported by the Global Ambassadors.

Meet the Ambassadors

Ambassadors will get to meet and have discussions with interesting people and role-models from their local and global community. Discussions are a chance for sharing in both directions, where guests may learn from the Ambassadors as well as share their experience, knowledge and wisdom.

GA Projects

Global Ambassadors are able to take on key projects that may be proposed by organisations or their fellow ambassadors. All projects go thought a proposal process. Ambassadors may accept or decline projects project proposals by consensus.

Visit the Global Ambassadors Blog page to see some of the projects the Global Ambassadors have taken on so far.

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