The Ambassadors

A group of dedicated global Individuals who believe their actions can make a difference.

Blessing Pasi

Global Ambassador 2.0

Tauranga Girls College
hard working, kind, friendly

Talofa lava, my name is Blessing Pasi and I am currently a senior student attending Tauranga Girls College. I was born and raised in Samoa and moved here to Aotearoa in 2013, I enjoy sports such as Netball and Volleyball and I am involved in many groups in school as well as groups in the Pasifka community. I have the privilege of being a Global Ambassador and excited to work alongside the other Global Ambassadors and see where we can go.

1 Corinthians 13:13 ''And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love''.

Alice Kim

Global Ambassador 2.0

Tauranga Girls College

Hi my name is Alice, Korean name Yeona (pronounced Yon - ah). As stated I am Korean however I was born and raised here in Aotearoa. My favourite subject at school is history. I am so excited for the year long project ahead, connecting with fellow ambassadors to influence positive change within and beyond our community.

Nandini Saily

Global Ambassador 2.0

Tauranga Girls College
Confident, Accepting, Adaptable

Hi!!! I'm Nandini and I'm a year 12 student at Tauranga Girls College. Whilst also being a Global Ambassador, I'm also a national leader for SADD (Students Against Dangerous Driving). I'm quite involved at school since I'm in many committees such as Student Well-being, Student Librarian, Leo Club, SADD, etc. I am a firm believer in youth empowerment, thus I want to break down the obstacles that exist in our society and communities that prevent youth from speaking up and representing themselves.


Global Ambassador 2.0

Outgoing, Open-minded, Responsible

My name is Riya Behere, 18 years old, originally from India but born and brought up in Whangarei. I am a lover of music and acting and am always looking to challenge and build upon myself. I am a born leader and look forward to growing alongside the Global Ambassadors group.

Tuliana Ceinaturaga

Global Ambassadors 2.0

Mount Maunganui College/Malo Uma Pasifika
benignant, diligent, and proud

Kia Ora! I am Tuliana -a senior at Mount Maunganui College. I am a proud student of Fijian descent who was born in Fiji and moved to New Zealand in 2018.  I am a Christian- Seventh Day Adventist and I take pride in my belief and background. I love nature involved activities, visiting new places, and I am passionate about caring for the environment. I am looking forward to working beside the ambassadors for GA2.0, and can not describe how excited I am for the awaiting experience, and things that we would be doing for/with the community.

Leina Han (Chaeyun Han)

Global Ambassador 2.0

Bethlehem College
Passionate, Organized, Friendly

My name is Chaeyun Han, a year 12 student attending Bethlehem College. I come from a family of four: dad, mum, a younger sister Alice and myself. I am originally from South Korea and moved to New Zealand in 2016, when I was 10 years old. I love cooking and shopping and most of all, I love getting to meet new people. I’m very excited to be a part of Global Ambassadors 2.0 and actively make impacts!

Ekkjot-Kaur Mallhi

Global Ambassador - GA 2.0

Te Puke High School

Hello! My name is Ekkjot, and I am a year 11 student at Te Puke High School. My parents are from India, however I was born and raised in New Zealand. I've travelled to India a few times to so I can understand my heritage as this is something I really care about. I enjoy interacting with people from various backgrounds and understanding how it feels to be different from everyone else. I love how diverse New Zealand is, with so many people each with their own story to tell. I am grateful for this opportunity and keen to get to work on making a difference!

Charlotte Lee

Global Ambassador 2.0

Bethlehem college
kindness, planner, affirmative

Hello! I am Charlotte from South Korea. I’m 17 years old. My Korean name is Byung Joo Lee. If there is anything special, my family immigrated to New Zealand 4 months ago. So, I am adjusting to NZ! I like producing a video and creating content. If you have time, please visit my YouTube Channel! Also, making new friends and getting to know each other are my favorite things. I’m looking forward to working on this project!

Imaanay Anees

Global Ambassador Prime / 2.0

ACG Tauranga
Determinant, Resilient, Reliable

My name is Imaanay Anees, I am a sixteen year old, currently I am in year twelve at ACG Tauranga. I am originally from Pakistan, however I lived in England for most of my life, until I moved to New Zealand. I am passionate about diversity and inclusion, and am active within my community. I look forward to trying my hardest to contribute to the removal of systemic inequality and discrimination within our community.

Jasrose-Kaur Mallhi

Global Ambassador Prime - Alumni

University of Victoria
Kindhearted, Strong, Passionate

Hey, I’m Jasrose - Kaur Mallhi I’ve been a part of the Global Ambassadors project for a year and have now graduated from High School. I was born and raised in New Zealand but my family is from Punjab India. I was awarded the Selfless Service award and the Patu Manaaki award, an award for leadership and guardianship. As part of Global Ambassadors, I was able to take part in a range of different opportunities some of which include Multi-Ethnic Forums, Global Competence Certificate and Festival for the future.

Michael Ren

Global Ambassador Prime

Tauranga Boys' College
Happy, Passionate, Problem-solver

I'm an international student from China. My mum and I came to New Zealand in early 2015. I'm currently a year 12 student at Tauranga Boys' College. My hobbies are programming, design, playing the piano and badminton. I am passionate about technology and enjoy challenging myself. I am really excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with the other ambassadors and the community.

Yusuke Takahashi

Global Ambassador Prime

Tauranga Boys College
Happy, Artistic, Innovative

My name is Yusuke. I'm from Japan. I came to New Zealand 2020 just before the lockdown. I have so many hobbies such as Classical music, barista, cooking/baking and sports. I was lucky enough to play in the local and National youth Orchestra in New Zealand. I am really excited to take a part of this program and would like to study more of diversity.

Kaito Igawa

Global Ambassador Prime

Bethlehem college
Peaceful, Earnest, "Magical"

Hello!! I’m Kaito. I’m an international student from Japan. I’ve lived in NZ since 2019 and I'm learning NCEA. I do some magic tricks for the Tauranga community. After the lockdown was lifted, I did magic shows for children in Tauranga because I noticed that we need to laugh, and we need some "magic" to spend time in a difficult time. I'm going to connect with the community and help it as a Global Ambassadors.

Chad Kang (Kang Min Hyeok)

Global Ambassador Prime

Tauranga Boys' College
ENFP (MBTI), Thinker, Active

I was born in Seoul which is the capital of South Korea and had lived there until few years ago. After I experienced the 2 months of language training in Canada, I found experiencing new cultures and studying in different educational system are super attractive. Thus, I came to NZ in 2019 and since then I've been enjoying NZ so much!

Younghoon Song

Global Ambassador Prime / 2.0

Tauranga Boys College
Funny, Optimistic, Chatty

My name is Younghoon Song and I am currently doing my year 11 at Tauranga Boys College. I was born in South Korea and moved here after my 5th grade. I’ve been living in Nz for 4 years now and so far, I’m lovin it! Spending quite equal time in both countries made me capable of blending into two different cultures. With my experience, I hope to bring in harmony between Korea and New Zealand.

Josia Vickers

Global Ambassador Prime

Otumoetai College
Resilient, Tenacious, Analytical

My name is Josia Vickers, and I am a year 13 student studying my final year at Otumoetai College. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand in 2004, and moved to my mother's home country of Indonesia when I was very young. I proceeded to live in Jakarta, Indonesia for the next ten years, experiencing the culture, school, food etc, and returned to New Zealand in mid-2016. Thus, I have had the opportunity to experience and understand two contrasting cultures. Towards the end of 2022, I intend on beginning tertiary education at a university. I enjoy exercising, doing school work and playing chess.

Alymayu Lema

Global Ambassador Prime

Tauranga Girls´ College
Respectful, Kind, Reliable

Kia ora, I´m Alymayu. My parents are from Ecuador and we are of Inca descent. I come from a family of artisans which may just be why I myself am quite artistic. I love to act, create and use my imagination in multiple ways but most of all I love to connect with people. From a young age, I grew up meeting people of all backgrounds as mum´s work meant that we travelled to many markets & festivals. I´m very excited to be part of this experience working alongside a diverse group of people who inspire me everyday.

Jayzel Borlaza

Global Ambassador Prime

University of Waikato
Caring, Bubbly, Reliable

Kamusta! Im Jayzel and I’m one of the GA primes. I’m an outgoing person that loves meeting new people and learning about their cultures is one of my favourite things to do. Nothing is impossible, in my opinion, if you work hard and never give up. I’m very excited to be working with the GA 2.0 :)