About Us

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What's an enigma?

Enigmatic: (adjective) resembling an enigma, or a puzzling occurrence, situation, statement, person, etc.; perplexing; mysterious.

How do we become stronger members of our global community? If there was a simple answer to this question we would have solved all the world's problems by now! The answer is part of a complex global puzzle that we must come together to solve. The world is an enigma, and we are all enigmatic individuals in that world. This is the source of the name, Enigmatic Global.

Our logo - The Gryphon - powerful protector

The Gryphon is a powerful, majestic animal, with the body of a lion, and the wings and head of an eagle. It is an animal of protection, silently watching over valuable treasures to make sure they are always safe. Enigmatic uses the gryphon as a symbol of the empowerment, confidence and sense of community it works to instill in everyone.

Enigmatic wants everyone to be active members
of their local and global communities.

Enigmatic embraces the old saying, Think Global - Act Local. Programs provide opportunities for individual growth and empowerment while encouraging active participation within local and global communities.

The Enigmatic Process

Empowering young adults to be agents of local and global change

Young adults must become leaders and partners of global change.

In the past, leaders were usually older members of our community because of their advanced knowledge and experience. However, in modern times, things have changed. Our technology and social development are changing so rapidly, that it has created wider divisions between generations. Young adults now have skill sets, knowledge and experience that are either unfamiliar or completely unknown to those of older generations. If we are to solve the challenges we face today, young adults must become leaders and partners of global change.

Young adults need opportunities to gain the valuable experience. 

Enigmatic products and services provide the missing link of experience and skills development that is often neglected by traditional educational programs. 

Empowering through Exposure and Experience.

Enigmatic provides EXPOSURE to global ways of thinking, and an understanding of the diversity the world has to offer. Programs offer an EXPERIENCE allowing participants to learn, grow and develop skills and global competencies in real-world situations. Enigmatic seeks to EMPOWER individuals as effective agents of positive change within their local and global communities.

Enigmatic's 4 Pillars of Global Competence

Learning to effectively work within diverse communities is a challenge. Enigmatic seeks to empower by focusing on four key competencies directly related to interaction as part of diverse teams, groups and communities: 

Communication, Cooperation, Leadership, Innovation.