To our International Student Global Ambassadors who are moving on...

November 27, 2022
Kurt Cordice
Global Ambassadors

Wishing all of our Ambassadors who will be traveling during the holidays a safe journey, and a special word to our international students who will be moving back to their home countries.

The Global Ambassador Primes have done a remarkable job over the past year.  Now, many of the Primes are preparing for the major life transition of graduating secondary school and moving on to the next stage of their life journey.  Even during this time of transition, the Primes have been supporting the Global Ambassadors 2.0 as the new cohort develops their foundation and moves toward taking their place in leading the program.  

The Primes will still be with us as Global Ambassador Alumni.  They will continue to be invited to functions and meetings as we go forward.  Many will be moving away to other parts of Aotearoa in the coming months.   However, the door of the GA digital platforms will remain open for them to engage, share their experiences, and lend a helping hand if they have time.  In this, we can give a shout out to Ambassador Josia, who has been joining us from his new home in Germany for our online meetings.  

We must also send a special shout out to the GA Primes who were here as international students, and who are about to leave (or have recently left ) Aotearoa to continue their journey in their home countries or elsewhere.  

Over the past year, these international students have shared their time, given their energy and supported the effort of the Global Ambassadors to make a positive impact within their local community.  The term “local community” is important to highlight.  In their status as international students, they do not have the rights and privileges that permanent residents or citizens of Aotearoa have.  However, they have embraced their role as members of their local community, and each of them leave behind significant contributions that have measurably benefited us locally here in Tauranga, as well as nationally here in Aotearoa.  In this, they have exemplified the strength of our Global Community, and the motto of the Global Ambassadors program, “We are Stronger Together”. 

Having become part of our local community, each of these young people will always have a connection to this place.  And, like all the Ambassador Alumni, the door will be open for them to maintain that connection via the online platforms of the program.  

We are fortunate enough to have some of our international student Primes staying here in Aotearoa next year.  However, to those who are leaving Aotearoa, we will miss having them here in person.  

  • We will miss the magic and kindness of Kaito
  • We will miss the musical talent and humility of Yusuke
  • We will miss the thoughtfulness and confidence of Chad

On behalf of the Global Ambassador Project of Tauranga and Western BOP, including all of our partners, contributors, stakeholders, and of course, the Ambassadors, we wish you all the very best and safe travels.  And, we look forward to seeing you online sometime soon!  

A picture from the first meeting of the Global Ambassadors, October 2021