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Global Swim is a swim and water safety program for all ages. It is a comprehensive program based on the Starfish Aquatics training system which uses the latest, globally recognised swim and safety training methods. Global Swim provides a strong community approach, with teaching materials and methods that recognise the diversity of our local and global communities.

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Global Safety

Practice communication, cooperation, leadership and problem solving while learning how to help others.

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Emergency First Response training / instructor training

Think Global

Workshops, discussions and one-to-one mentoring for those who are looking to be more involved in our global community.

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Global Talk 1:1
Global Coffee Talk
Experience - Learning - Description

Design your future.

Internships for young adults between 18 and 30 years old  designed to offer real training opportunities, as well as experiences that build global competencies . Enigmatic offers opportunites that help empower young adults and encourage them to design their future.

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Global Swim Internships

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Enigmatic programs are ESOL friendly, and great ways to practice and improve English language ability in a supportive and realistic environment. Enigmatic knows how to make practicing English practical and fun!

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Most Enigmatic programs are available in an ESOL format. Contact us to find out more!

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